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DECEMBER: Lived Experience Community Wrap

12 December.jpg

Hello to all that wanted a reminder! @The-red-centaur @eth @lmn83 @frog @Nay69 @Snowie @CheerBear @Zoe7 @Judi9877 @Mazarita @Shaz51 @BabyDragon @BlueBay @Hamsolo01 @Sans911 @Teej


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This month we are celebrating @Hope4me! Thank you for always using your own experiences to offer support to members as they share for the first time such as here it is so valued as part of peer support in the community. 
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Last month we welcomed a new Community Manager @nashy! You will hopefully have seen @nashy around already but please do go and stop by the welcome party here
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Sometimes tears are healthy and appropriate to the situation - I've always said 'good weep good sleep'  re the endorphins released when we cry - said by @eth here
If you are enjoying reading our monthly wraps - hit the support button and we will notify you when the next one is up!

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