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NOVEMBER: Lived Experience Community Wrap

11 November.jpg

Hello everyone and welcome to the November Wrap! 

ūüĎč to those that wanted a reminder @Judi9877 @Queenie @frog @eth @MorningSilence @TheVorticon @Pepsimax @Mazarita @boot @Hope4me @Daydreamer27 @Teej @WaterBabe1 @Sans911 @The-red-centaur @Snowie @Shaz51 @Sophia1


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This month we are celebrating @strong - you have come into the forums and really shared positive and encouraging support to many members throughout many threads. One example is here. Thank you for your contributions. 
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Hopefully you are all feeling comfortable with the recent responsive updates and enhancements! The latest one brought some changes to the navigation of the forums and we hope you are all enjoying it. To read up about it here or check out the feedback thread here
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'I know it's easier said then done and even I have to be reminded but make sure you make time for you each day whether it be reading, taking a walk or just crying in the shower (believe me it helps)' said by @BabyDragon here
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