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Re: Life can be a Pain

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @lapses


That is a wonderful picture of the owl watching over the candles - it's actually making me think up little stories - is the owl praying for her family? I think so - or is there another owl lighting candles for me and other people and watching over us all? Yes - I think so


The owls always have stories.


I have my true owl story - my gran worked as a companion for an elderly lady and it was a large property with pine-trees where barn-owls lived and they would fly into the stables for the mice and I wanted to see them badly - I was preschool at the time


So one grew dull day Gran took me to the place where she worked and the old gardener took me into the stables and covered me up with a clean hessian bag and told me to sit there quietly - the mice would come out to play and the owls would come in for them


I found this perfectly normal and sat there silently and watched as the mice appeared - I don't like mice so the thought of the owls getting them appealed to me - and then the owls started to fly into the stables to get the mice and take them off.


It was magical and the memory is so clear and so wonderful I visit it often - maybe it's one reason I like owls so much


And @outlander - this story is for you too - I love the owl family - I need to take a walk and think up little stories for the family of owls myself - I feel like that nuturing owl myself - and I like all those pictures


Girls - I have to save both of those pics into my album - I love both of them so much



Re: Life can be a Pain


Re: Life can be a Pain

A10FDDE5-4EFD-4227-9697-DFB79E2A5CF1.jpeg“ V A L U E D !!! “

Hi @Dec, does Victoria’s seniors card have these words on it?  I wanna blow it up an frame it on my front door 😊

Then I realised - that’s how God sees us. 

Have a great day Smiley Happy

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi Peeps


I'm just checking in - I am going through a flat patch - nothing is really wrong - this happens some times and I just ride it out - I will be back again soon


Ahd hey @lapses - I'm glad you have your seniors card - and I love what it says on yours - I have had mine for a long time and it's different - it really tells people I am a senior and they can actually tell that by looking. It does get people better credits that a pension card though


All the best fellow battlers



Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Dec. “Fellow battlers” - I like that! Smiley Happy

I’m really glad to see you but sorry to read you’re mood is low. Affects everything, especially motivation. 

Hows your ‘companion cat?’  I have adopted mums silky sitzu  cross / just booked her in for vaccinations etc. Mum never believed in vacc. Rehomed the other one on w’end, to a young family. Georgia looks around for him but staying close by me. She’s more affectionate than I’ve ever seen in a dog. 

Anyway, hope you’re ok Smiley Happy chin up 🌸💕



Re: Life can be a Pain


Hi @Dec. How ya doing today?

My increase in antidepressants seems to be helping (finally), not crying so much & SI is less.

When is your girl’s surgery?

i wish I could be more for you here.

take care - Thing of you 🌸💕 

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @lapses@outlander@utopia@Faith-and-Hope@Zoe7


Thanks for your message and that cute little owl Lapses - that's really wonderful


I am feeling really anxious atm - we are having a family barby on Saturday and I don't know if my toxic sister is going to be there - I have already made up my mind not to speak to her but I don't want to fight with her at the barby - not my style - but no way do I want to talk to her again and I have been having nightmares about it.


And today I got an email from my cousin - my uncle is seriously ill and probably dying - it seems that trip I had to see them back in February was the end of the time when he could see people - it's pretty dire right now. 


Sometimes I get premonitions - I had one when I felt the need to go to Hobart last summer and I feel the same now - not a comfortable feeling at all - maybe it won't happen - maybe my uncle will recover and maybe my sister won't be at the barby but I feel tense


I find it hard to share but it's a fair thing to do here


Thanks everyone - I know you all care



Re: Life can be a Pain

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Re: Life can be a Pain

Thanks @outlander


🎆 🎉 🎇 🎊



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