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Re: Far and Away

Good that you are being sensible @Zoe7

It doesn’t pay to rush these things, considering all you’ve been through.

You’ve come ahead so much recently. It’s good to hear you’re getting better. Enjoy the moment and see what happens. I’m really glad you’re getting on well with him. 

So good you have a male friend. 😍

I’m popping off here for now. 


Catch you again soon. 


Re: Far and Away

It was lovely of you to drop in as it always is when you can @Mumi Don't forget we are here for you too Hon when you need us Heart

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope Hi Hon - hope you had a good sleep. I have had a very lazy day watching sport - tennis and cricket - now tennis again. I do love my tennis and even better when some of the Australians are playing. Cat is named after my favourite tennis player from some years ago - think I may have already told you that previously!

Both fur babiies have had their dinner and are asleep now - Cat is of course outside under her tree and Toby is asleep on the couch. He will no doubt wake up as soon as I move to get dinner organised for myself but that won't be until the tennis has finished.

Hope you are going okay - miss you Hon Heart


Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope I so wish you were here with us and could post tonight - I am really missing my forum friend.

How many weeks before you are back?


Re: Far and Away

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope ...5 or more

Re: Far and Away

Aww!  Are you ok? @Zoe7 💜


Sorry you’re missing @Faith-and-Hope so much. 


I too wonder how shes going over there. 💖👋


Oh how I wish I was well enough to travel. Well, I am grateful for our recent trip, but unfortunately it involved lots of work and D being unwell. Can live in hope for a better more fun trip next time. 


I will pop on here when I can Zoe. 


Whats for dinner at yours yours tonight?

I’m really hungry, but I don’t really feel up to cooking. Not sure what I’ll have. 

Re: Far and Away

Thanks @Mumi that really does help. Heart

I am missing @Faith-and-Hope a lot - the longer it goes the more I seem to miss her - there is so much going on in my life right now and she has always been there for me since I joined the forum more than 2 years ago. She has been through so many downs with me that I do really wish I could share some of these better times with her as well. I know she is reading along and that others here have been a wonderful support for me but I do miss my friend a lot. 

I was going to have chops and veggies tonight but it is really muggy still so might make that chops and a salad. I have been cutting Toby's knots out whilst watching the tennis - he has decided to go outside now - probably because he is sick of me pulling him around to get his knots out. No doubt he will be back in soon.

Being able to travel is something you can look forward to and work towards Hon. I know it is difficult presently for you and your D but hopefully one day that will be possible. I have no real desire anymore to travel as I do love my fur babies too much to leave them. I am happy enough with that for now. There are some places I would like to see but I have different priorities than I once had. I have travelled around Eurpope and the UK and love every minute of it but now I am happy being home.


Re: Far and Away

Yes, you do have a very special bond with Faith and Hope. @Zoe7

I can imagine how you miss her. 

I must admit, I absolutely hate sitting on a plane for hours. I don’t know how I’ll go with that next time. I guess I’ll have to knock myself out with prn lol. 

Theres really not enough room to sit for hours and hours. 

Ok, now you’ve made me really hungry 😋 chops. Yum. But I don’t have any. Not sure what’s in the fridge. Not alot. Food shopping, ugh!

Re: Far and Away

I’ll go and investigate what’s in my fridge/cupboard, to eat. 

Catch you soon @Zoe7

I really want chops. 😍

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